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There is no chance to survive, make your time! We, the test tube chimps of the industrial age, survivors of the atom bomb... are ready. We must march. We must march for the truly evolved are the de-evolved. Through natural selection, a process is born. A process of evolution known as cancer. This cancer must be spread! We must take our places in the annals of history. That is why we must take part in the:

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When: June 3rd-4th
Where: Middletown, Ohio at MHS

It is normally a fund raiser to raise funds for the PREVENTION of cancer. I say we hike the prepaved trails of man to raise the awareness of the need to SPREAD cancer. Through natural selection and evolution, man was born. And through natural selection and evolution, man shall be de-evolved and destroyed. Our future is grim. Our bleakest dreams of oblivion are near. Let us march our prepaved destiny for we know the truth of our reality. Our future is deteriorating, due to the destruction of our natural environment.... and man, has de-evolved to evolve with his ever changing stance with nature. TO survive, we must be like our ancestors. To survive, we must be devo. We must educate the uneducated to our own undoings. I need to know how many would be interested in such an act so I will know how many hazmat suits are needed. REMEMBER. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.
Mutated Potato Music

And so it begins.

My friends, thursday marks the beginning of this years urban hiking season....... its going to be glorious. We meet at my house (as in MY HOUSE) at 3 and we'll walk onwards to smith park, where we will have a picnic (nolegsonly club picnic!!) with FOOOD. Edibles are a must. I'll buy some tomorrow to prepare. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... afterwards we'll march proudly down the Steve Myers Trail in honor of Wu-Steve and then straight on to madison high school. It'll be great. The air will stink of MAN. So far, brave hikers who will be there are (confirmed):

Zack Murderous
Angry Ryan



And not possible (due to death):
Monkey Steve

Everyone and anyone is invited if I allow you to come. HAR HAR HAR. Suck my pathers dick. Just ask. I'll basically say yes. You'll eat food. And walk. A lot.

Okay, quick rundown. Meet at my house at 3. Eat food. Walk. Dead things.
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Joe and I have decided that it's about time we unglue our asses from our chairs and take a damn hike. I'm shooting for Thursday the 19th. Near 50 degree weather with a 0 percent chance of rain. Sounds perfect to me. I'll leave the hiking route to Claytron 2020. Any suggestions? Give em to Claytron.
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Urban hiking kinda died for a while..... but we will ressurect it. Believe me. We will. Spring is coming. Time to strap on your air force 1's.

I have some ideas for this year. We need a company picnic. We also need kariokee.
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