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We, the humanoid-man chimps, the de-evolve form of man, and test tube babies of the evolutionary frontier, witness the evaporation of our natural habitat of fauna and flora into mangled jungles of twisted cement and tempored metal known as an "urban" society. Where open fields of grass once existed, lay roads and sidewalks. Where trees once stood, skyscrapers sit. Our society is de-evolving and we, the Live Journal Urban Hikers, are the men/women/ape/spud's that explore the new man made "jungles" of our urban utopia, documenting our exhibitions with new aged digital flash foto and floppy disks.

There is ONE RULE and ONE RULE only:
If you give up and leave during a hike, you are given a ROCK OF SHAME, which you must take with you and keep in a cardboard box. You must also wear THE BUCKET OF SHAME as your crown of unworthiness.

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